Friday, November 13, 2015

CE Overview

Corporate Espionage (working title) is a competitive business simulation game with a bent on underhanded tactics. Not only do you research, innovate, produce, promote and sell your goods trying to build your economic empire, but you can also sabotage your opponents, steal their research, and run their reputation through the mud.

How will you build your fortune? Will you make the best refrigerator around? Will you flood the market with your phones and succeed on ubiquity? Will you build TVs on the cheap and make a killing on the markup? Will you create a craze over your new bicycle? Or will you just foil the competition at every turn?

Hire and manage employees, each with their own unique skillsets, talents and interests! Keep them happy to keep them loyal—if you're not careful, your competitors might just poach them out from under you.

In Corporate Espionage, be a brilliant entrepreneur, a double-dealing robber-baron, or maybe a little of both!

(oh, and everybody's cute animals, too)

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